& Class Action Lawsuit

The people of Kootenai County, and the rest of the planet, have experienced varying degrees of personal injury over the past couple of years or so. Our 45th President Trump taught us to stand up for our rights. In some cases, a lawsuit may be the necessary course of action.

A lawsuit definitely modifies bad behavior. The main point to remember is: Don’t sue the organization! That doesn’t leave the lasting impression that you might be desirous of. Instead, sue the individual bad actor whose behavior needs a dramatic adjustment.

Society’s Problem:
Do we, as individuals, have enough knowledge required to effectively bring about good positive change in our County and our Country? We need help.

Attorneys’, Paralegals, and sources of funding:
Please respond to this plea for your help in order to educate the public and help us all seek justice…and drain the swamp!
Can you provide classes?
Can you help individuals identify how they were injured and how to seek proper remedy?

Send your email response to Darwin at: Please include whether you would like your response (or part of it) put on this page of the website.