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Democrats Vandalize Property & Intimidate Conservative Voters Leading up to November 2nd North Idaho Elections

Oct 25 Written By Samantha Collins

You won’t read about this in the CDA Press…

As North Idaho grows, with an influx of out-of-state residents, so does its population of radically progressive Democrats, bringing along with them all of the voter intimidation tactics, vandalism, and threats normally seen in places like Portland, OR or Berkeley, CA. While incidents of vandalism, threats and voter intimidation increase in towns like Post Falls & Coeur d’Alene, local publications, such as the increasingly liberal CDA Press, remain silent.

Democrats spray-painted a backwards swastika inside of the term “GOP” on E. Mullen Ave, Post Falls, Idaho. An increasing number of conservative residents have filed police reports detailing vandalism & intimidating threats aimed at conservative candidates across the county.
Democrats spray-paint a swastika over a local conservative campaign sign.Reports continue to come in over missing signs, damaged campaign materials and vandalized signs such as this one.

By night, Conservative political materials continue to be defaced by Democrats with spray-paint swastikas all across the county in an attempt to intimidate voters and dissuade turn out. By day, the self-proclaimed ‘non-partisan’ (liberal) organization known as ‘Citizens for Post Falls Schools’ takes to the streets in so-called “Knock the Vote” campaigns with familiar ‘communist style’ fist imagery on their campaign materials.

Coincidentally, just as police reports continue to flood our local departments over missing and vandalized conservative political material, mysterious hand-written notes taped to the CDA Press’ Sunday issue were left on voter’s doorsteps, insinuating they were not “fully informed” as to who they may be voting for.

We reached out to one voter who had received one of these notes, who did not want to be identified out of fear of retribution from those who placed it. “We live on [redacted] in Post Falls and woke up today to find a newspaper with a hand written note that we are not fully informed…” the voter explained, continuing on saying “We are informed and continue to be informed. Social Media is not a real place. Newspapers are biased politically.”

The voter continued, explaining that “‘neighbors’ that leave notes at your door and do not knock on your door and engage in open conversation do not have your best interests at heart.”

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 1.40.03 PM.png
While the CDA Press continues their vocal support for what many claim to be the ‘liberal’ opposition, they repeatedly disregard reporting on these voter intimidation tactics aimed at the candidates whom they repeatedly smear on their front pages.These disingenuous smear tactics may fuel these types of actions taken against conservative candidates.

With November 2nd less than two weeks away, these sort’s of democrat smear campaigns, coupled with vandalism and threats, continue to increase. All residents in Post Falls should be on alert and report anything they see to their local police departments. Be sure to contact your local conservative candidates with any information regarding these attacks and help bring the perpetrators to justice.

While North Idaho grows, the last thing we want to experience are these sorts of political intimidation tactics common to places like Portland OR or Berkeley CA — If resident’s vote accordingly, we may be able to preserve our little towns and protect them from these kinds of liberally progressive threats in the future.

Samantha Collins
Idaho is my home, a home worth protecting








The Following is the candidates own platform and information

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What particular issues motivate you to run for trustee on the board of education?

Bridget Malek I have been serving as Trustee for Zone 4 for Post Falls School District for the last five years. I have truly been blessed to have served in this position and over the last year and a half with COVID, I believe that have experienced a level of decision making and evaluation for our students that no one could have ever imagined. If I am elected back in to continue to serve at the Trustee for Zone 4, I will continue to focus on growth, finances and curriculum for the students of Post Falls School District. In regards to growth, class size is imperative and it is important that we focus on maintaining manageable classrooms sizes for optimal learning. Additionally, with growth comes the realization that new schools will need to be built in the future and that we are supporting our students by maintaining and attracting teachers. My focus on curriculum is that we are utilizing tools to ensure that our students become critical thinkers that are prepared to be productive adults in society.

What professional or community experience prepares you to serve as a school board member?

Bridget Malek I have coached our youth through Post Falls Parks and Recreation in the area of basketball, volleyball and soccer. I have been able to go into our schools and teach anti-violence curriculum starting in our kindergarten class rooms with “Hands are Not for Hitting”, the middle schools with “Healthy Friendships” and in the high school on “Teen dating violence”. I sat on the following policy making committees: Domestic Violence Protocols for Kootenai County, Inter-County and Tribal Sexual Assault Team Policy, Jane Doe Sexual Assault Policy Kootenai County. I also received my instructor certification through Idaho P.O.S.T. (Peace Officers Stands and Training) and FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) Domestic Violence Instructor Training. This certification allowed me the opportunity to train locally and travel around Idaho training law enforcement.

What is your vision of the role of public education? (If elected, what will be your priorities?)

Bridget Malek My priorities are to address growth in our school district. This will include maintaining classroom sizes and the future building of schools. Curriculum is also an area that I will continue to evaluate. It is important that our students are learning and not just becoming test takers. Additionally, we need to keep supporting our non-traditional forms of learning by utilizing and supporting our alternative high school, KTEC and dual enrollment. I will continue to support on education system that is creating critical thinkers who have gain the skills to become productive members of society. My vision for public education is to ensure that we provide substantial learning opportunities for our students. Every student in our district has different educational goals and it is important that we support them in achieving these.

What is the role of the school district in ensuring that students graduate ready to go on to job training or higher education?

Bridget Malek It is absolutely our role to provide our students with resources to move forward in adulthood with a sound education. It is important to remember that not all students are going to move towards college degrees. By utilizing our partnership with KTEC, we are able to provide student with the option of learning a technical trade and completing high school at the same time. This is truly a jumpstart into adulthood with technical skills that they can utilize. Furthermore, our dual enrollment program is a great way for student to move onto the higher education system faster by completing their first two years of college in high school.

What is the role of the school board regarding public health emergencies and student health and safety?

Bridget Malek The school board is responsible for ensuring that policies and procedures are in place to address public health emergencies, student health and safety. The school board continuously monitors the needs of students during these situations and it is the boards responsible to adjust these as circumstances allow. A prime example of this was last years school year where we continually monitored COVID and adjusted in person learning to provide the safest environment for our students while ensure that they were still getting quality education. Post Falls School District partners with Post Falls Police to ensure that we have school resources officers as well as coordinated training for high-risk activity situation where our student’s safety could be at stake. The school district practices school lock downs to ensure that if an emergency occurred, along with fire drills that our students know how to proceed to safety.

What does equity mean for you in public education? What responsibility does the school district board have to create equitable opportunities for all students?

Bridget Malek Equity in public education means that all of our student are provided the support and resources they need to meet their educational goals. As school board trustees it is important that we stay informed on all levels of educational goals; whether these goals are for our special education department, to our KTEC students, dual enrollments students and so forth. It is important that school board trustees ensure that there are programs that allow our students to obtain a well-rounded education, that encourages growth and allows them to become productive, well-informed adults. Growth and support in educational advances are continually adjusted so that we can help students achieve their optimal goals.